Many possible combinations with VacuBond® Optical Bonding

vacubondWith Apollo Displays Vacubond technology, a wide choice of touchscreens and cover glasses can be combined and optically bonded to perfectly meet the requirements of your application. A zero-optical-defect production guarantees the highest optical quality.

We combine TFT displays ranging in size from 2.4” to 24″ – no matter if they are part of our standard product range or provided from you – with:

  • resistive analog
  • glass/glass
  • AMR
  • projected capacitive

Cover glass:

  • toughened
  • Gorilla®
  • PMMA
  • In different strengths

These touch screens and cover glasses can be bonded on the TFT display in any combination. Even the bonding of the pure TFT cell without bezel is feasible. Due to the many possible combinations, we can provide exactly the right solution for your application. Please contact us, we will advise you.

Please click here for more information on the advantages of our VacuBond process.

Three New Samsung High Bright PID TFT Displays

highbrightSamsung introduces three new full HD (1920×1080) PID TFTs in sizes of 46″, 55″ and 75″ with a very high brightness of 2500cd/m². LTI460HF01-V(0), LTI550HF04-V(0) and LTI750HF01-V(0) are ideal for applications with direct sunlight or bright ambient light.

A contrast ratio of 5000:1 and the symmetric viewing angle of 89 ° from all directions contribute to the good optical quality and improved readability.

These displays are perfect for multimedia, information and advertising applications, and can be operated in both landscape and portrait mode. On a project basis, we also offer complete plug-and-play kit solutions with our Prisma or Artista controller boards and all necessary accessories.

Samples of these PIDs are expected to be available early next year.

Please click here for an overview on our Samsung TFT displays or contact us with any further questions.

HighBright Displays new to our web store

Apollo Display’s HighBright TFT displays are equipped with high-quality LED back-lights and are designed for applications in direct sunlight or very bright ambient environments, providing a perfect display.

There is also the option to upgrade our HighBright TFT’s with our in-house optical bonding technology; VacuBond.

We have recently added some of our HighBright displays to our web store, along with our SmartLED converters and cables.

highbright display

Advantages of LED back-lights: 

* mercury-free
* long back-light durability
* better EMI features
* resistant against shock and vibration

* perfect performance in low temperature range

As Always, thanks for reading,

The Apollo Displays Team


Industrial Rack Mounting Displays


We have developed a new LCD monitors series designed for use in industrial 19″ racks. Two solid handles facilitate safe installation and the 3 mm thick front plate ensures a secure fit in a 19″ rack.

The monitors are available with TFT displays in sizes 10.4 “, 15″, 17.3″ and 19″ (26.41 cm to 48.3 cm) and the front plate has a height of 5 to 9 units. A special rack mount version includes two 10.4″ TFT displays in portrait mode.

All monitors can be supplied with a video card for VGA / DVI or with an integrated PC. The customer can choose between an AMD T56N platform, or a modern 15 watt 4th generation Intel Core i CPU. A resistive touch screen is available as an option for all display sizes.

To find out more about these products, please visit our rack mounting displays page for more information or contact us.

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The Apollo Displays Team

Apollo Displays solution to EOL controller boards

With the recent EOL notice from Digital View regarding their LCD controllers, we wanted to take the time to remind our customers of our impressive Prisma Converter Board series of TFT controllers. In today’s fast changing world of electronics, there’s no avoiding the reality that IC’s are discontinued frequently. These sudden discontinuations can wreak havoc on production schedules and when the offered replacement products are not compatible, the disruption can be disastrous.

Apollo Displays is a true Industrial TFT supplier, and product consistency is essential to our development plans. Apollo understands the needs of our industrial customers and we have a proven track record of consistent support, we always provide our customers with a 100% mechanically compatible upgrade, not a suggestion with similar footprints and features like our competitors.

Below are a few examples of Apollo Displays Prisma Converter Board Series with a proven track record since 2002. This design philosophy carries through on all of our product lines:

  • Prisma Line – 100% mechanical and connector compatibility since 2002 from Prisma I through Prisma IIIA (4th generation)
  • PrismaECO Line – 100% mechanical and connector compatibility since 2004 from PrismaECO I to PrismaECO III (3rd generation)
  • PrismaECO Slim Line – 100% mechanical and connector compatibility since 2004 from PrismaECO Slim I to PrismaECO Slim III (3rd generation)


Apollo Displays’ Prisma-IIIA provides top performance for all applications, still meets our green IT requirements and is 100% mechanically compatible with our popular Prisma-II and Prisma-III. It provides the following interface inputs:

  • RGB analog (VGA)
  • DVI (HDMI 1.3a/HDCP)
  • additional DVI input at internal AUX
  • Up to 8 Composite Video inputs
  • Up to 8 S-Video inputs
  • Component Video/YPbPr
  • RGB-CS (internal connector); optional Sync on Green (SOG)

Special Features & Options…



Apollo Display’s PrismaECO-III is a cost effective and space saving RGB/Video converter board providing an additional DVI/HDMI input interface as well as improved auto-adjust functionality.

It is the perfect choice for basic monitor applications and connects TFT-LCD displays to the standard graphics interfaces RGB analog and DVI. Our PrismaECO-III is equipped with a scaler chip which produces images of highest quality.

PrismaECO-III is perfectly suited for all kinds of industrial applications which do not require the processing of analog video signals.

  • RGB analog + DVI/HDMI input interfaces
  • Outstanding auto-adjust functionality
  • TTL + LVDS output interfaces
  • Cost and space saving

Technical Data…



Our PrismaECO-slim-II is the most space and cost saving board of the Prisma converter board series.

It is the perfect choice for basic monitor applications and allows to connect TFT displays to the standard graphics interface RGB analog. PrismaECO-slim supports TFT displays from VGA (640×480) to SXGA (1280×1024) with LVDS output and its scaler chip produces images of the highest quality.

  • Extremely cost and space saving
  • RGB / VGA analog input interface
  • LVDS output interface

More information…

Law Calls for Calorie Counts on Vending Machines

vending machines

Vending machines across the US will soon be required, by law, to display calorie count information. With an approximate 5 million vending machines across the country, this will be a huge undertaking for the vending machine community.

If this is your business, you are probably searching for a simple, cost effective solution, that can be integrated quickly and painlessly. Apollo Displays has such a solution.

Our ArtistaGui interface card can communicate with your existing controller over an available serial port, sending display and touch commands over the same channel, and supports panels up to 1024×768 at 18bits, and panel sizes from 4.3″ to 15″.

artista gui

ArtistaGUI Features:

  • NEW: now supports projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens from DMC and Zytronic
  • Supports TFTs up to XGA 1024×768
  • 18/24-Bit LVDS and TTL interface
  • 8 GPIOs active for communication with external devices, optional any required quantity of GPIOs can be integrated
  • integrated LED backlight driver
  • on board 4-wire resistive touch controller, PCAP via integrated USB interface
  • 12V single supply
  • Temperature range: 32°F – 122°F (extended temperature range by request)
  • RS-232 interface (RS-485 on request)
  • SD-Card interface for user software
  • no compiler needed, easy programming in QT-Quick

To learn more about the capabilities and functions of the ArtistaGUI, take a look at our data sheet. Or contact us. We always love hearing from you.

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The Apollo Display Team


New 18.5″ Compact Panel – Open Frame Monitor With A Small Footprint

With the new CP-G185XW01 V1-A00, we add a powerful 18.5 ” model to our compact panel open frame monitor series. Especially in applications where an extremely low installation depth is required, the compact panel provides you with a quick and easy to integrate solution.

CP- G185XW01 V1-A00

The slim design with a depth of only 16.4 mm is enabled by the PrismaCOMPACT-Media TFT controller board, which has been designed specifically for a small footprint. Therefore the complete Compact Panel is only about 8mm thicker than the TFT display alone.


With its HD resolution of 1366×768 pixel, a brightness of 300 cd /m² and a viewing angle of typically v / h 160°/ 170°, the CP- G185XW01 V1-A00 provides good optical features.

With our new Optical Bonding process, the compact panel is also available with a touch screen or safety glass.

For a quick overview of our Compact Panels click here.

Plug & Play: TFT Display Kit Solutions

Do you want to integrate a TFT display quickly and easily into your application? Our kits offer the ideal solution! They consist of the TFT display, a controller board and all necessary accessories such as converters and cables. All components are perfectly matched and tested, so that they can be installed and put into operation right away.

To view a list of our ready to go, complete, TFT-LCD kits, please click here, and you will be directed to our web store.

complete lcd kit

The kits are available with different TFT display controller solutions:

  • Prisma series TFT controller with VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP, Video, SDI interface
  • Artista series TFT Controller with direct USB interface or as industrial network media-player
  • Ontario IPC (AMD, 2 x 1.65GHz Dual Core)


Of course we can also customize the kits to meet your special requirements. We are able to integrate a touch screen or a protective cover and our optical bonding process VacuBond allows for combining these components to a single unit.

As always thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon!

The Apollo Displays Team

Powerful LED Converter SmartLED-III

Apollo Displays has introduced the new SmartLED-III to their industrial LED converter series. It provides the same features as the SmartLED-II converter and it can control LED back-lights up to 4 channels instead of 2 channels. It has also been designed to drive modern LED rails with Vcc = 20…50V. The converter is highly configurable via the integrated software and thus can be adapted perfectly to the requirements of any application.


To learn more about our SmartLED-III, and how it can fit your display needs, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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The Apollo Display Team

For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today

As you get ready to enjoy your long weekend take a moment and remember what this holiday is all about. Brave Men and Women gave their lives for this great nation. For many, Memorial Day will be a day of BBQ’s and relaxation, but for some, it is a sacred day, a day that they honor their fallen loved ones.

memorial day

Please take a moment this weekend and honor our nations heroes.

The Apollo Displays Team