Various possibilities for PCAP Touch Screens from 7″ to 27″

Sample custom glasses

Do you want to use a projected capacitive touch screen and prefer a special design?

Apollo Displays modular touch solutions give you perfect design freedom:

  • special glass shapes
  • colored prints in your favorite colors
  • logo prints
  • special coatings, such as anti-glare or privacy filter
  • shatterproof cover glasses in different strengths for public areas

Your requirements determine the final product. 

We laminate touch films in sizes ranging from 7″ to 27″ on customized cover glasses. By using a touch foil instead of a conventional touch screen, we eliminate a glass layer between the TFT display and cover glass. 
This saves space and gives better optical results.

With our VacuBond technology, we can optically bond the touch screens with a display of your choice from our TFT displays to one unit.

In addition to the customized designs, we offer the PCAP touch screens as a standard product with black passe-partout print.

For a more detailed look, take a look at our Touch Design Flyer.

New Value Added Partnership Providing Highly Customized Solutions for Industrial Application LCDs

Sharp Microelectronics and Apollo Display Technologies announced today the availability of integrating Apollo’s customized display solutions with Sharp’s extensive line of industrial displays.

Wide Range of Customized Solutions

The value added partnership gives customers access to Sharp’s extensive line of displays, while adding Apollo’s ability to create customer specific full solutions, all while maintaining Sharp’s warranty. Custom solutions include interface boards, resistive and PCAP touch screens, optical bonding, and backlight enhancements. “Our customers often require highly-customized LCD solutions to meet the specific demands of their industry and introduce competitive products into the marketplace,” explained Dave Hagan, Sr. LCD Product Marketing Manager at Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas. “Apollo has been a leader in value-added solutions in the IA space for years. We are excited to add Apollo’s expertise to our tool chest as another resource to help our customers get to market quickly with optimized solutions.”

The partnership allows customers to take full advantage of Apollo’s world class display technologies, paired with Sharp’s impressive LCD lineup. “Apollo Displays is very excited to work with Sharp Microelectronics as a Value Added Partner,” said Scott Makboulian, Vice President of Sales and Technology at Apollo Display Technologies. “Sharp’s customers can now take advantage of Apollo’s VacuBond® Optical Bonding process as well as our Prisma and Artista display controllers.  All of our products are perfectly matched for use with Sharp’s broad product range.”

About Sharp Industrial Application LCDs

Sharp Industrial Application (IA) LCDs are built to perform in environments ranging from factories to physician’s offices, with durable construction and a variety of tough specifications out of the box, including high contrast, high brightness, wide viewing angles, and wide operating temperatures. They also provide the perfect building block for enhanced solutions. The company’s Memory LCDs feature memory in every pixel to allow for rich content on a small display with ultra-low power consumption. They are ideal for wearable, handheld, and other small-screen applications where long battery life is required. For more information please visit

About Apollo Displays TFT-LCD Solutions

Apollo Display Technologies is a complete TFT-LCD solution provider, specializing in optical bonding, TFT controllers, backlight enhancements, semi-custom and custom touch screens, and complete turn-key solutions. The company has developed its own optical bonding production process called VacuBond®, which allows for zero optical defect production and provides perfect material stability. Apollo produces a wide range of industrial TFT controllers and backlight converters, which can be customized to meet industry needs. For more information please visit

VacuBond® Revolutionizes Assembly of Industrial Displays

In close strategic and technical co-operation with the Japanese Taica – Group, Apollo Displays has invested in the latest generation of optical bonding technology. This brand-new vacuum bonding is the substitution of the current world wide used “wet bonding” technology. 

The most advanced form of optical bonding in the display industry

Apollo’s VacuBond® process is a revolutionary advancement in optical bonding technology.  Even after several years of development, wet bonding is still a low yield, high cost and labor intensive process.  Our automated process produces perfect results every time with multiple bonds performed during each machine cycle.  The Opto-gel requires no damming or disassembly prior to bonding, and needs no cure time after bonding.  This results in high throughput, high yield and lower cost.  Our parent company, Data Display Group, developed the process that we now utilize on both sides of the Atlantic.  Customers appreciate our capability to support their production facilities worldwide from our two bonding centers.

“Optical bonding has always been used in marine and military applications,” Said Scott Makboulian, VP of sales and Technology, “but our process has enabled a surge in portable and indoor applications.  It provides superior optics, impact resistance, and rework ability at a price point that fits many applications.”

Precise and faultless bonding

Vacuum Bonding doesn’t need a drying process; therefore there are no uncontrolled effects by material shrinking (bubbles, moire, scratches). The VacuBond® process uses production jigs, is fully automated and extremely stable in yield and precision. This affects especially smaller sized TFT’s from 2″ to 7″.

The assembly is made with the bonding/lamination material Opto-Gel over the complete surface, in pure vacuum and in horizontal production direction. A CNC machined tool ensures the precise position of the components according to the product configuration. The process itself is fully automated and carried out in a clean room to avoid dirt and inclusions. The production tool guarantees consistent manufacturing tolerance and the careful handling of the fragile components. VacuBond® enables faultless assembly and makes a cosmetic specification superfluous.

Building a Better Web Store

computer screen with web store

We are very excited to announce some great updates we have made to our web store! Our goal is to make your online buying experience simple, convenient, and cost effective.  So with that said, here are some of our latest web store updates.

 We will beat any of our competitor’s prices!

If you find any item in our web store for a better price on a competitor’s web store, we will not only match that price, but we will give you an additional 5% off their listed price.  Click here for details!

 Use your own shipping carrier.

Simply add your carrier name, account number, and shipping method, and the shipping charges will be billed to your own shipping account.

New products being added every week.

Our goal is to be your number one display and display solutions provider. We are consistently adding new items to our web store to keep up with the demands of our growing industry.

And much more….

Ship anywhere in the world.

Previously, we could only ship to the U.S. and Canada, but since updating our shipping options, we can now ship anywhere in the world.

Apollo’s Display Kit Solutions

Our perfectly designed and 100% functionally tested LCD/TFT kits consist of all necessary components. This includes the TFT, converter board, all cables, LED-converter and the power supply.

Thanks to a unique modular system, we can combine these products in different ways. This means we can supply standard systems as well as versions which are adapted to individual requirements. This is a real plug and play solution.

Features include: 
  • Completely tested and fully wired systems
  • Ready for immediate operation (Plug&Play)
  • Includes accessories
  • Optional installation into your system
 Take a look at our web store for ready to go, plug and play kits. For more information regarding custom solutions, please visit our website.

Many possible combinations with VacuBond® Optical Bonding

vacubondWith Apollo Displays Vacubond technology, a wide choice of touchscreens and cover glasses can be combined and optically bonded to perfectly meet the requirements of your application. A zero-optical-defect production guarantees the highest optical quality.

We combine TFT displays ranging in size from 2.4” to 24″ – no matter if they are part of our standard product range or provided from you – with:

  • resistive analog
  • glass/glass
  • AMR
  • projected capacitive

Cover glass:

  • toughened
  • Gorilla®
  • PMMA
  • In different strengths

These touch screens and cover glasses can be bonded on the TFT display in any combination. Even the bonding of the pure TFT cell without bezel is feasible. Due to the many possible combinations, we can provide exactly the right solution for your application. Please contact us, we will advise you.

Please click here for more information on the advantages of our VacuBond process.

Three New Samsung High Bright PID TFT Displays

highbrightSamsung introduces three new full HD (1920×1080) PID TFTs in sizes of 46″, 55″ and 75″ with a very high brightness of 2500cd/m². LTI460HF01-V(0), LTI550HF04-V(0) and LTI750HF01-V(0) are ideal for applications with direct sunlight or bright ambient light.

A contrast ratio of 5000:1 and the symmetric viewing angle of 89 ° from all directions contribute to the good optical quality and improved readability.

These displays are perfect for multimedia, information and advertising applications, and can be operated in both landscape and portrait mode. On a project basis, we also offer complete plug-and-play kit solutions with our Prisma or Artista controller boards and all necessary accessories.

Samples of these PIDs are expected to be available early next year.

Please click here for an overview on our Samsung TFT displays or contact us with any further questions.

HighBright Displays new to our web store

Apollo Display’s HighBright TFT displays are equipped with high-quality LED back-lights and are designed for applications in direct sunlight or very bright ambient environments, providing a perfect display.

There is also the option to upgrade our HighBright TFT’s with our in-house optical bonding technology; VacuBond.

We have recently added some of our HighBright displays to our web store, along with our SmartLED converters and cables.

highbright display

Advantages of LED back-lights: 

* mercury-free
* long back-light durability
* better EMI features
* resistant against shock and vibration

* perfect performance in low temperature range

As Always, thanks for reading,

The Apollo Displays Team


Industrial Rack Mounting Displays


We have developed a new LCD monitors series designed for use in industrial 19″ racks. Two solid handles facilitate safe installation and the 3 mm thick front plate ensures a secure fit in a 19″ rack.

The monitors are available with TFT displays in sizes 10.4 “, 15″, 17.3″ and 19″ (26.41 cm to 48.3 cm) and the front plate has a height of 5 to 9 units. A special rack mount version includes two 10.4″ TFT displays in portrait mode.

All monitors can be supplied with a video card for VGA / DVI or with an integrated PC. The customer can choose between an AMD T56N platform, or a modern 15 watt 4th generation Intel Core i CPU. A resistive touch screen is available as an option for all display sizes.

To find out more about these products, please visit our rack mounting displays page for more information or contact us.

As always, thanks for reading,

The Apollo Displays Team

Apollo Displays solution to EOL controller boards

With the recent EOL notice from Digital View regarding their LCD controllers, we wanted to take the time to remind our customers of our impressive Prisma Converter Board series of TFT controllers. In today’s fast changing world of electronics, there’s no avoiding the reality that IC’s are discontinued frequently. These sudden discontinuations can wreak havoc on production schedules and when the offered replacement products are not compatible, the disruption can be disastrous.

Apollo Displays is a true Industrial TFT supplier, and product consistency is essential to our development plans. Apollo understands the needs of our industrial customers and we have a proven track record of consistent support, we always provide our customers with a 100% mechanically compatible upgrade, not a suggestion with similar footprints and features like our competitors.

Below are a few examples of Apollo Displays Prisma Converter Board Series with a proven track record since 2002. This design philosophy carries through on all of our product lines:

  • Prisma Line – 100% mechanical and connector compatibility since 2002 from Prisma I through Prisma IIIA (4th generation)
  • PrismaECO Line – 100% mechanical and connector compatibility since 2004 from PrismaECO I to PrismaECO III (3rd generation)
  • PrismaECO Slim Line – 100% mechanical and connector compatibility since 2004 from PrismaECO Slim I to PrismaECO Slim III (3rd generation)


Apollo Displays’ Prisma-IIIA provides top performance for all applications, still meets our green IT requirements and is 100% mechanically compatible with our popular Prisma-II and Prisma-III. It provides the following interface inputs:

  • RGB analog (VGA)
  • DVI (HDMI 1.3a/HDCP)
  • additional DVI input at internal AUX
  • Up to 8 Composite Video inputs
  • Up to 8 S-Video inputs
  • Component Video/YPbPr
  • RGB-CS (internal connector); optional Sync on Green (SOG)

Special Features & Options…



Apollo Display’s PrismaECO-III is a cost effective and space saving RGB/Video converter board providing an additional DVI/HDMI input interface as well as improved auto-adjust functionality.

It is the perfect choice for basic monitor applications and connects TFT-LCD displays to the standard graphics interfaces RGB analog and DVI. Our PrismaECO-III is equipped with a scaler chip which produces images of highest quality.

PrismaECO-III is perfectly suited for all kinds of industrial applications which do not require the processing of analog video signals.

  • RGB analog + DVI/HDMI input interfaces
  • Outstanding auto-adjust functionality
  • TTL + LVDS output interfaces
  • Cost and space saving

Technical Data…



Our PrismaECO-slim-II is the most space and cost saving board of the Prisma converter board series.

It is the perfect choice for basic monitor applications and allows to connect TFT displays to the standard graphics interface RGB analog. PrismaECO-slim supports TFT displays from VGA (640×480) to SXGA (1280×1024) with LVDS output and its scaler chip produces images of the highest quality.

  • Extremely cost and space saving
  • RGB / VGA analog input interface
  • LVDS output interface

More information…