POS-Line leaves nothing to be desired

Apollo Displays POS-Line gives you the choice of: sizes 10.4″ to 55″. With a wide variety of housings and controller solutions, our POS-Line leaves nothing to be desired.

Whether as an open-frame monitor, with an elegant brushed aluminum bezel or a modern true-flat design with a flat surface and rounded corners: POS Line provides the housing that fits your application perfectly.

POS-Line monitor in modern True-Flat design
Various touch screen options allow for simple interactive use. For public areas, the monitor can be protected with a protective glass, keeping it safe against damage and the environment.
If requested all POS-Line monitors are fan less and can be provided with either a video graphics card, different PC versions (AMD Ontario, Intel) or our network media player.
Visit our POS-Line page for more detailed information on these monitors and for a video showing the various possibilities of the POS-Line series.

Bright, Small Sized TFT Displays from 4.3″ to 6.5″

Apollo Displays has introduced a new selection of high bright, small-format TFT displays. These TFT displays are particularly suitable for handheld applications in measurement and control technology, medical devices and the automotive industry. Due to the high brightness and wide temperature range, the displays can be used outdoors and are viewable even in bright ambient light.

Projected capacitive multi-touch screens are available for TFT displays 5″ and larger.
Our new VacuBond® process allows us to bond the projected capacitive touch screens or protective glass to our TFT displays reliably, precisely and cost-effectively. VacuBond® increases the TFT displays’ resistance against shock and vibrations, which is an important advantage in industrial applications. In addition, internal reflections between the glass layers are minimized, which improves the readability significantly.

Vacubond® technology also allows for quick-turn prototyping.

Among others, we can offer the following display types:

Type Size Resolution Brightness Manufacturer
GKCY43SNBH2E0 4.3″ 480×272 1000cd/m² SGD
AA050AA11 5.0″ 640×640 1200cd/m² Mitsubishi
AA050MG01 5.0″ 800×480   800cd/m² Mitsubishi
GWTW50SNCH3E0 5.0″ 800×480   700cd/m² SGD
GTTQ57SN762E0 5.7″ 320×240   600cd/m² SGD
GKTV57NNAD1E0 5.7″ 640×480   900cd/m² SGD
G065VN01 V2-V540 6.5″ 640×480 1200cd/m² Data Display Group

For further information on certain displays and data sheet downloads, please click on the display type in the above table. You will be redirected to our website.

These TFT displays are also available as a complete VGA/DVI/Video kit solution.

Small Sized TFT's

The picture shows from left to right: G065VN01 V2-V540, AA50MG01 and GKCY43SNBH2EO.


VacuBond® – The Most Advanced Optical Bonding Available to the Display Industry Today

Together in close strategic and technical co-operation with the Japanese Taica Group (a global leader in optical bonding materials), Apollo Display Technologies  has developed the most advanced optical bonding technology available anywhere today -Vacubond®. This new vacuum bonding technology will allow us to build the most technically advanced ruggedized displays available to the market today. And because vacuum bonding doesn’t need a curing process, there are no longer uncontrolled effects by material shrinking (bubbles, moiré, scratches) to have to deal with after the bonding process.
Optical bonding is an enhancement process for TFT displays in which a protective glass/ (Schott Xensation™, Corning Gorilla Glas™, Plexiglas, ceramic / organic silkscreen), a touchscreen (resistive touch film, projected capacitive (PCAP), Infrared (IR) touch, analog matrix resistive touch), or a combination of both, is applied to a TFT display by means of a high-performance silicone material.  In tape-bonded solutions, incidental light is reflected at the surface of the TFT display and coverglass. With increasing light intensity, this results in reduced contrast and limited readability of the information appearing on the display. In addition, the emerging light from the TFT’s backlight is scattered by the polarizer and depending on the surface texture and transparency, which causes additional readability/appearance issues for the display. By eliminating air gaps with optical bonding, these reflections are reduced to 1% and the result is optimum contrast and exceptional color brilliance even when the TFT display is used outdoors and under intense ambient light. The readability is improved significantly, without increasing the brightness or power consumption. Additionally, and much to the benefit of our customers, Vacubond® technology also allows for quick-turn prototyping.
Vacubond® comparison in direct sunlight

Vacubond® comparison in direct sunlight

VacuBond comparison in  direct sunlight

Under certain environmental conditions, dirt can accumulate in the air gap between the polarizer and the protective glass of the tape-bonded solution. Weather conditions with rapid and significant temperature changes may cause condensation (“fogging”) between unbonded layers, additionally affecting operation and readability. Optical Bonding not only prevents these external influences from affecting the display, but also improves heat dissipation. The heat generated by the operation of the TFT display is dissipated through optical material and not blocked by insulating air layers. Additionally as proved by ball-drop test, optical bonding increases the strength and resiliency of the display. Impacts, shock, and vibrations are absorbed and reduced by the optical material, enabling use in industrial applications that require a higher resistance to vibration or shock.
Vacubond glass
Beginning in the spring of 2014, Apollo Display Technologies will start to process high performance silicone optoGel from the Taica company and officially start offering  world’s most advanced optical bonding technology. Clean room conditions (certified class 1,000 clean room) ensure that no dust or dirt particles affect the result. The VacuBond® technology offers enormous advantages compared to traditional bonding methods. Especially small TFT displays with an extremely compact design in sizes from 2.4″ to 7″ can be bonded reliably, precisely and cost-effectively in this new automated vacuum process. High precision, serial production, is guaranteed by the automated process and the homogeneous silicone material. Our manufacturing equipment is capable of direct bonding of TFT displays in custom bezels and front housings with integrated protective glass.
Apollo Display’s VacuBond® technology is also a good choice for environments that require explosion/blast protection. Free air spaces within the display itself, which lead to restrictions in the protection certifications can be avoided or eliminated by “free air exclusion” bonding. This is an alternative to the very expensive and irreversible conventional methods such as filling the volume with glass beads or injecting silicone into the gap between layers.
Apollo Display Technologies further streamlines production through automated processes and the use of CNC fabricated production jigs. These are long-life molding tools which guarantee the correct position of the individual components during the bonding process and provide consistent quality when producing large quantities. The basis for any new combination of TFT display and glass is an exact measurement of the contact angles and the physical adhesion forces. This measurement is made with a modern instrument and software that decodes surface energy in polar and dispersion components by using special liquids. Such a measurement protocol is the basis for every new project. Moreover the VacuBond® process is reversible so that the individual components can also be recovered again, simplifying repairs and reducing repair costs.
Vacubond - Jig

Jig Tooling

  • Improved contrast & readability in bright sun / intense ambient light
  • No condensation (fogging) in air-gap
  • Improved shock absorption, more robust construction (ball impact tested)
  • Improved heat transmission via front-glass
  • Cost-efficient and reliable bonding of small TFTs (2.4” to 7”)
  • “Free air exclusion bonding” – free space inside the TFT is closed via bonding
  • Can be bonded right into your front-panel
  • Vacubond®-ing process is reversible, allowing for repairs
  • High precision production jigs and automated processes

Put Control Back In The Hands of Product Designers

Is your growing product line already cluttered with an overwhelming number of LCD-TFT displays?
Has managing your LCD controller board inventory become cumbersome?
Have you been looking for a controller solution that will simplify the madness and offers a one-size-fits-all solution?
Well look no further. Like the proverbial ring from JRR Tolkien’s timeless epic, Apollo Displays now has one controller family to rule them all!
If your product line consists of low-to-medium volume with a high mix of products with varying displays sizes and resolutions, Apollo Display Technologies has the perfect “one-size fits all” TFT-LCD controllers – the Prisma IIIA (PIIIA) and the PrismaMedia-eco (PME). These controllers are completely user-configurable, allowing the end user to simply upload LCD configuration files on-the-fly.
Other competitive LCD controller products provide on-board DIP switches as a means of configuring a single board to support multiple displays. We have developed a superior production solution by providing a fool-proof method to configure the LCD controller. The MarsRover/ChandlerRover software package enables users to program the controller simply by connecting a cable from the board to a PC via serial RS232, selecting firmware, and clicking a button. (Prisma IIIA uses MarsRover software, while the PrismaMedia-eco uses our Chandler Rover software.
Apollo Display's  Prisma  IIIA Controller Board
Apollo Display’s Prisma IIIA Controller Board
Increased Reliability
DIP switches have long been error prone and detrimental to the panel when set incorrectly. Using Apollo Display Technologies’ Mars Rover software allows users to lock-in a configuration file, ensuring the correct settings are loaded every time, yielding a more reliable production process.
More Flexibility
When compared to DIP switch programming, panel-specific configuration files enable flawless operation and a greater range of supported panels. Apollo Displays can also provide specific files for specific panels.
Many applications require specific brightness dimming functions, and our MarsRover/ChandlerRover software allows designers to alter the dimming range without interfacing with the firmware engineers.
Suppose you want to utilize the same LCD controller across a product line, but enable different video inputs based on the product, MarsRover/ChandlerRover can do that, as well.
The feature combinations are endless.
MarsRover/ChandlerRover finally puts control of your LCD back in the hands of the product designers.
MarsRover/Chandler Software
MarsRover/Chandler Software
Expanded Functionality
Using the MarsRover software opens the Prisma controller up to the user, enabling  many configurable options allowing for perfect customization of TFT displays.
MarsRover features:
  • Firmware version control
  • LCD Panel Parameters
    • Panel voltage
    • Horizontal & vertical timing
    • Color depth
    • Data mapping
    • Power-On/Off Sequencing
    • LVDS Spread Spectrum for mitigating EMI peaks
    • Backlight Dimming
      • PWM vs. Analog
      • Pixel dimming range
      • Voltage levels
      • PWM frequency & duty cycle range
      • GPIO Outputs
        • To disable/enable reverse scan function
        • Control external system functions
        • Set 4 or 6 button OSD control
        • Enable/disable video inputs
          • VGA, DVI, HDMI, Component, Composite, S-Video, RGB CS
          • Enable Sync-On-Green and other user configurable video modes for legacy systems
 The Prisma IIIA and PrismaMEDIA-eco boast an expansive list of standard features, making it second to none, all while enabling users to easily upload panel configuration settings for any LCD from 3.5” to 70”.
A comparison of Apollo Display's Prisma IIA and PrismaMEDIA-eco controller boards
A comparison of Apollo Display’s Prisma IIA and PrismaMEDIA-eco controller boards
Datasheet links:
Prisma IIIA
MarsRover software
ChandlerRover software
And remember, Apollo Displays is always just a click or call away (631-580-4360)!
Note: This blog post was written by Apollo Display Technologies’ Senior Engineer Adam Larkin

Obsolescence Management Maintains System Integrity and Extends Operational Life

Short product cycles for electronic components like TFT displays, touchscreens and controllers have, for many years, caused myriad problems for customers requiring long-term availability and a stocked spare part supply. With more than 20 years of TFT market knowledge, multiple warehouses with high stock capacity and expertise in mechanical and electronic development, Apollo Display Technologies is committed to being your partner for solving these common supply-chain problems.


Apollo Display’s obsolescence management system is a reactive, proactive and strategic process to minimize negative financial and operational impact. We can identify critical TFTs displays and components, assist with last-time-buys (LTBs), hold stock for time-sensitive components and find drop-in replacements and/or compatible products. When necessary, Apollo Displays will mechanically or electrically customize our products to ensure system compatibility. Furthermore, our software and firmware can be modified.

Our locations in the US and Europe offer local support and professional logistic services – allowing Apollo Displays and the Data Display Group to keep up our spare part supply.

And, as our customers already know, we also monitor all products we offer for manufacturers’ product change notifications (PCN) and end of life (EOL) notices.

And remember, Apollo Displays is always just a click or call (631-580-4360) away.

Save Power and Money While Extending TFT Backlight Lifetime with Next-Gen LED Backlight Converter

Intelligent LED Backlight Converter – SmartLED-II

Apollo Displays is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our in-house engineered LED backlight converter – the SmartLED-II. This next-generation LED backlight converter offers output power of up to 40 watts and enables control of two high brightness LED rails. The converter’s specialized software allows for personalized configuration to meet the varied requirements of different application fields. Additionally, the converter comes equipped with an I2C interface for ambient light and temperature sensors. Ambient light sensors allows for usage in areas with varying light conditions, enabling automatic brightness adjustments based on ambient conditions – saving power & money over time. The new auto-temperature control facilitates usage/installation into enclosures that suffer from poor ventilation/overheating issues that can reduce brightness and destroy the life of the LED backlight.

Due to a high-efficiency buck regulator, the SmartLED-II reaches an efficiency factor of ≥ 92%. An integrated microcontroller handles all input and control signals, allowing users to interface pushbutton and/or dial controls.

Some features require specific firmware support or are mutually exclusive to other features. Please contact sales support to discuss all possible options or combinations.

Apollo Display's next-generation LED converter - the Smart LED-II

Apollo Display’s next-generation LED converter – the Smart LED-II

Hardware Features:

• High-Efficiency Buck Regulator
○ 11 – 16V input range
○ Max. 2.3A output current
(depending on actual rail configuration due to total power limit)
○ Efficiency >= 92%

• Flexible Microcontroller Control
○ On-Board microcontroller handles all input and control signal
○ Features are defined by firmware

Special features:

  • Input: 11 – 16V
  • Output: 7 – 10V, 200mA – 2A per channel (rail)
  • Brightness control via analog voltage (0..3.3V or 0..5V) or PWM (100 .. 1000Hz), 0-100% brightness
  • Output PWM synchronized to input, sync signal or free-running with programmable frequency. LED dimming frequency can be synced to the LCD refresh rate.
  • I2C interface for ambient light sensor and/or temperature sensors
  • Additional GPIOs for local control
    (pushbuttons, sensor pads or potentiometer) and customized functionality.
  • Capability to disy-chain multiple boards in a master-slave setup for
    high-power applications
  • Control input for NVIS mode. Dual mode backlights allow for different power on each channel – enabling both NVIS (night vision mode) and daytime mode
  • Error flag to detect failure of power stage or LED rail

And remember, enhanced TFT displays with high quality LED backlighting units offer the following advantages:

•Long backlight durability
•Low temperature performance
•Environmentally compliant: LEDs are mercury-free
•Better EMI (electro-magnetic interference) protection
•Resistant against shock and vibration

Never forget,  Apollo is always just a click or call (631-580-4360) away.

And remember, we’re adding amazing new products to Apollo Display’s new webstore everyday – come on in & take a look!

We're adding new stock everyday - do yourself a favor and visit.

We’re adding new stock everyday – do yourself a favor and visit.

New Case Study: The Chosen Bun Increases ROI With Digital Signage and Two New Versatile TFTs

The Chosen Bun Opts For Digital Signage To Increase ROI

Late last year, Apollo Display’s British sister company, Display Technology LTD., was asked to supply LCD-TFTs that offer perfect readability in direct sunlight and could show HD video and photo slides at a popular burger bar in London’s West End called Chosen Bun.  It quickly became apparent that our VideoPoster IIIs were exactly what the Chosen Bun needed.

Display Technology supplied our 46” VideoPoster IIIs with a brightness of 1500cd/m² and integrated mediaplayer, replete with all capabilities the client requested.

5 of Apollo's 46" VideoPoster IIIs now attract customers at Chosen Bun in West London.

5 of Apollo’s 46″ VideoPoster IIIs now attract customers at Chosen Bun in West London.

The installed mediaplayers are network-compatible and playlists are stored on an SD-card. Content can be uploaded over the network via FTP server or local USB-interface, or pushed from your PC via ACC software – allowing for quick and easy content updates on all displays from a PC.

Please click here for further information on our VideoPoster III.

New LCD Display from AUO For Extreme Ambient Temperatures

Looking to install new displays in an area with extreme temperatures – places like mines, industrial facilities, areas affected by intense direct sunlight, boiler rooms and for use in outdoor applications?

Apollo Displays is about to receive AUO’s highly anticipated new 19“ LCD-TFT. The AUO G190ETN01.2 offers a wide temperature range of -30 to +80°C, making it perfect for use in applications in extremely warm or cold temperatures. The display has SXGA resolution (1280×1024), a brightness of 350cd/m², a viewing angle of 85⁰(h)/80⁰(v) and an integrated LED driving board for the backlight.

The AUO G190ETN01.2

The 19″ AUO G190ETN01.2 is perfect for applications in extreme temperatures

AU Optronics is one of the biggest TFT manufacturers in the world, with its own glass production facility in Taiwan. For all industrial TFTs (from 4.3” to 24”), AUO assures a minimum availability of 3 years.

Apollo also offers this new display as a VGA/DVI kit solution.

Unfortunately, the G190ETN01.2 is not mechanically or connector compatible to AUO’s other 19“ panel, the G190EG0x.

For further technical details please refer to the datasheet.

New Affordable 8” TFT from Solomon Goldentek Displays

Solomon Goldentek Displays excels at offering high performance LCD-TFTs at an affordable price point – making them quite popular with Apollo Display’s customers.  Because of Solomon Goldentek’s popularity with our customers, Apollo now offers  SGD’s  new 8″ TFT (GKTS80SNBI2E0) with LED backlight, 4:3 aspect ratio, SVGA resolution (800×600) and LVDS input.

SGD's affordable new 8" GKTS80SNBI2E0

SGD’s affordable new 8″ GKTS80SNBI2E0

SGD’s new TFT offers a wide temperature range (-20°C to +70°C) and is available as a pre-configured kit solution with our PrismaECO-III RGB / DVI/ HDMI controller board.

When higher resolution is required, Apollo can alternatively provide the GKNX80NNDC1F0 (featuring identical size dimensions as the GKTS80SNBI2E0) and XGA resolution (1024×768).

For further information please refer to the datasheet or visit our SGD page.

Samples will be available in February.

Never forget,  Apollo is always just a click or call (631-580-4360) away.

And remember, Apollo Display’s new webstore is now open and adding new stock on a daily basis!

Apollo's webstore is now open & adding stock daily!

Apollo’s webstore is now open & adding stock daily!

An Impressive Selection of LCD-TFTs Have Been Added to Apollo’s Lineup

Large Panel High Bright Digital Information Displays

In Sizes From 31.5” to 55” from Samsung, AUO and LG

Apollo Displays is pleased to announce that we have increased the range of our large panel  high bright digital information displays (DIDs). Apollo now offers a wide selection of large panel Digital Information Displays with a brightness of 450, 700, 1500 or 2000cd/m² in sizes from 31.5” to 55”.  Each of these TFT displays feature integrated LED driving boards, full HD resolution (1920×1080) and a wide viewing angle of v/h 178°/178°, providing perfect optical results. These high bright panels are perfect for areas affected by bright sunlight or intense room lighting.

High Bright Range

New Large Panel High Bright Displays from Samsung, AUO & LG are now available from Apollo Displays

Our broad product range now includes 40“, 46“ and 55“ Samsung TFTs ; 31.5“,  42“, 46“ and 55“ LCD-TFTs from AUO and large LG panels in 42“ and 47“ sizes. Additionally, each of these TFT panels can displayed in portrait mode. Remember, Apollo Displays  always has the perfect TFT panel and solution for any of your designs, applications and projects.

We also offer each these TFTs as a HDMI/DP/DVI/VGA solution or with an integrated projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen.

These TFTs are currently in-stock and sample quantities are available.

Please call (631-580-4360) or email Apollo Displays today – we are looking forward to discussing your next project with you.

LG’s New 17” IPS Wide-View TFT Display With IPS Technology Now Available

Apollo Displays is about to receive the first samples of LG’s highly anticipated 17” LB170E01-SL01 LCD-TFT display. This impressive new panel comes replete with IPS technology, allowing for a wide viewing from extreme angles ( v/h 178°/178°). This display now provides an alternative to the very popular, but now obsolete Samsung LTM170E8-L01.

The IPS wide viewing angle technology also enables the LB170E01-SL01 to be used vertically in portrait mode.

LG's new 17" IPS Dsiplay - LB170E01-SL01

LG’s new 17″ IPS Dsiplay – LB170E01-SL01

The LB170E01-SL01 with LED backlight and SXGA resolution (1280×1024) has a brightness of typ. 400cd/m² and an extended temperature range of Top -10…+70°C, making it quite versatile and perfect for myriad applications.

For further technical information please refer to the datasheet.

As always, Apollo can offer accessories like LED converters, touchscreens or industrial TFT controllers as well.

And remember, Apollo is always just a click or call (631-580-4360) away!

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Visit Apollo's new webstore today!

Visit Apollo’s new webstore today!

New Display Tech Worthy of Your Attention

Wide Viewing Angle From A Compact Display

The new Innolux HJ070IA-02F 7“ TFT display excels with a high resolution (WXGA; 1280×800), a brightness of 350cd/m²,  and IPS  technology that enables a wide viewing angle ( v/h 178°/178°) and offers outstanding image quality and readability. The display has will be available for a minimum of 3 years, making it suitable for long-term industrial designs.

Because the HJ070IA-02F requires several different input voltages and has no integrated LED converter, we offer the ex-works standard version as well as a TFT module with Vcc = + 12V and integrated LED converter. We can also supply a kit solution with our HDMI/DP/VGA controller board PrismaMEDIA-Eco.

Innolux HJ070IA-02F 7" TFT-LCD Display with IPS  technology

Innolux HJ070IA-02F 7″ TFT-LCD Display with IPS technology

As an option, we can also provide a Data Display Group 7“ PCAP multi touchscreen with the  following features:

  • 4 finger multi touch
  • Modern black printed bezel
  • Competitively priced  I²C controller: chip-on-flex cable

For more information, please refer to the datasheet or contact us.

New  5” Projected Capacitive Touch Screens from the Data Display Group

Data Display Group’s new 5″ multi finger PCAP touchscreens allow small TFT displays to benefit from the advantages of the projected capacitive touch technology. These new multi-finger PCAP touchscreens are now available in two versions: the cost-saving TP-DD0500-A01 with I²C bus interface and the TP-DD0500-A02 with HID-USB interface (does not require drivers for modern operating systems  - e.g. Windows 7, Linux or Android).

For both versions, the controller is integrated into the flex cable (chip-on-flex), which makes them very compact and space-saving. In addition, the touch screens feature multi touch functionality (standard: 4 fingers), fast response times and a low power consumption. The touch screens calibrate automatically when being initialized and when environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity) change. For the I2C version there is a comprehensive protocol menu for the software connection available.

DDG 5" multi touch screen

DDG 5″ multi touch screen with chip-on-flex technology

With our new VacuBond technology, we can now offer the touch screens as an optically bonded unit with a TFT display of your choice from our Mitsubishi or Solomon Goldentek Display’s product range.
For additional details on these touch screens please email Apollo today or give us call at 631-580-4360.

Competitive Efficiency: AUO M270HVN02.1 TFT Display

AUO‘s M270HVN02.1 is a powerful,  yet cost-efficient 27“ HD (1920×1080) TFT Display. Offering  a depth of only 10mm, this new AUO TFT panel is fantastic option for tight spaces.

Additional  features:

  • Wide viewing angle  v/h 178°/178° (MVA technology)
  • Brightness: typ. 300cd/m²
  • Temperature range Top: 0…50°C
The new AUO M270HVN02.1

The new AUO M270HVN02.1

Apollo Display Technologies offers this display with an LED backlight converter and  our PrismaMEDIA-Eco TFT controller as a compact kit solution. Our Chandler-Rover software enables easy configuration of this kit according to you application’s requirements. As an option, we can also offer the M270HVN02.1 with a mounted projected capacitive touch screen.

If you have any questions about any of the products above, please call us at 631-580-4360 or email us today.

And don’t forget, our new webstore is now open and offering up steals & deals galore! Come on in & visit today!

Apollo Display's New Webstore is now open!

Apollo Display’s New Webstore is now open!

Our New Webstore & Another Installation Case Study

Recently, Apollo Display Technologies Corp. was called upon to help Canadian company, PBSC Urban Solutions, to realize an interesting project that would be featured across the city of London, England:  Barclays Cycle Hire bicycle rental stations.


Early on, PBSC Urban Solutions established bright sunlight readability as the most important aspect of the TFT-LCD displays for this project. Having myriad experience with this issue and expertise in high bright displays, Apollo provided 855 Innolux 12.1“ TFT displays with SVGA resolution (800x 600), MVA wide technology and a transflective upgrade, allowing for a good readability from all viewing angles in bright sun. These displays were installed at 687 stations (housing over 9200 bikes) across the city of London. To assure contrast and color fidelity in bright ambient light, Apollo customized the displays with high quality LED backlights – enabling the displays to reach a brightness of more than 1000cd/m².

The bottom of this Cycle Hire totem features a high bright 12.1" Innolux TFT display

The bottom of this Cycle Hire totem features a high bright 12.1″ Innolux TFT display

Apollo Display’s high bright TFTs include the latest LED chip technology, are power-saving and available in many different sizes. Thanks to our new VacuBond technology, we can now arrange for high quality optical bonding of TFT displays and touchscreens and/or cover glasses.

bike 2

bike 3

As always, Apollo Displays is ready with customized solution for your latest project or application. Please contact Apollo today.

Apollo Display Technologies’ New Webstore Is Now Open

Apollo Displays new webstore is now open!

Apollo Displays new webstore is now open!

Apollo Displays is pleased to announce that our new webstore is now open. We are updating and changing stock regularly, so be sure to visit often. If there is something you seek, but cannot find in our store, please call.

As you can see from the above screen shot, our store features several categories that covers almost the entire range of products available from Apollo Displays. You’ll find categories for TFT Displays, Passive Displays, TFT Displays with Touch, Complete LCD Kit Solutions, Touchscreens, Accessories and Clearance Items.

TFT Displays category page from Apollo's new webstore

TFT Displays category page from Apollo’s new webstore

If you’re a current customer of Apollo Displays, you should have already received an email with your login information. You can also register a new account by clicking here. Once you’ve created an account and placed an order, you can access our new customer portal, which allows you to:

  • Check order status
  • Search invoices
  • Update payment info
  • Find tracking numbers

If you have any questions about your account, please contact us at sales@apollodisplays.com or call us at 631-580-4360.