Law Calls for Calorie Counts on Vending Machines

vending machines

Vending machines across the US will soon be required, by law, to display calorie count information. With an approximate 5 million vending machines across the country, this will be a huge undertaking for the vending machine community.

If this is your business, you are probably searching for a simple, cost effective solution, that can be integrated quickly and painlessly. Apollo Displays has such a solution.

Our ArtistaGui interface card can communicate with your existing controller over an available serial port, sending display and touch commands over the same channel, and supports panels up to 1024×768 at 18bits, and panel sizes from 4.3″ to 15″.

artista gui

ArtistaGUI Features:

  • NEW: now supports projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens from DMC and Zytronic
  • Supports TFTs up to XGA 1024×768
  • 18/24-Bit LVDS and TTL interface
  • 8 GPIOs active for communication with external devices, optional any required quantity of GPIOs can be integrated
  • integrated LED backlight driver
  • on board 4-wire resistive touch controller, PCAP via integrated USB interface
  • 12V single supply
  • Temperature range: 32°F – 122°F (extended temperature range by request)
  • RS-232 interface (RS-485 on request)
  • SD-Card interface for user software
  • no compiler needed, easy programming in QT-Quick

To learn more about the capabilities and functions of the ArtistaGUI, take a look at our data sheet. Or contact us. We always love hearing from you.

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The Apollo Display Team


New 18.5″ Compact Panel – Open Frame Monitor With A Small Footprint

With the new CP-G185XW01 V1-A00, we add a powerful 18.5 ” model to our compact panel open frame monitor series. Especially in applications where an extremely low installation depth is required, the compact panel provides you with a quick and easy to integrate solution.

CP- G185XW01 V1-A00

The slim design with a depth of only 16.4 mm is enabled by the PrismaCOMPACT-Media TFT controller board, which has been designed specifically for a small footprint. Therefore the complete Compact Panel is only about 8mm thicker than the TFT display alone.


With its HD resolution of 1366×768 pixel, a brightness of 300 cd /m² and a viewing angle of typically v / h 160°/ 170°, the CP- G185XW01 V1-A00 provides good optical features.

With our new Optical Bonding process, the compact panel is also available with a touch screen or safety glass.

For a quick overview of our Compact Panels click here.

Plug & Play: TFT Display Kit Solutions

Do you want to integrate a TFT display quickly and easily into your application? Our kits offer the ideal solution! They consist of the TFT display, a controller board and all necessary accessories such as converters and cables. All components are perfectly matched and tested, so that they can be installed and put into operation right away.

To view a list of our ready to go, complete, TFT-LCD kits, please click here, and you will be directed to our web store.

complete lcd kit

The kits are available with different TFT display controller solutions:

  • Prisma series TFT controller with VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP, Video, SDI interface
  • Artista series TFT Controller with direct USB interface or as industrial network media-player
  • Ontario IPC (AMD, 2 x 1.65GHz Dual Core)


Of course we can also customize the kits to meet your special requirements. We are able to integrate a touch screen or a protective cover and our optical bonding process VacuBond allows for combining these components to a single unit.

As always thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon!

The Apollo Displays Team

Powerful LED Converter SmartLED-III

Apollo Displays has introduced the new SmartLED-III to their industrial LED converter series. It provides the same features as the SmartLED-II converter and it can control LED back-lights up to 4 channels instead of 2 channels. It has also been designed to drive modern LED rails with Vcc = 20…50V. The converter is highly configurable via the integrated software and thus can be adapted perfectly to the requirements of any application.


To learn more about our SmartLED-III, and how it can fit your display needs, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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The Apollo Display Team

For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today

As you get ready to enjoy your long weekend take a moment and remember what this holiday is all about. Brave Men and Women gave their lives for this great nation. For many, Memorial Day will be a day of BBQ’s and relaxation, but for some, it is a sacred day, a day that they honor their fallen loved ones.

memorial day

Please take a moment this weekend and honor our nations heroes.

The Apollo Displays Team


Sleek. Sexy. Completely see-through.

No we are not talking about the dresses celebrities wear at red carpet events. But we are talking about the future of shop windows, product displays, and digital signage. The completely see-though Samsung and AUO Transparent Displays is nothing short of futuristic.
The Transparent DID (digital information display) offers high light transmittance, while remaining completely transparent. This allows objects located behind the display to be seen during operation. This makes transparent displays ideal for shop windows, product displays and other digital signage applications. We currently have four sizes available in our web store: 31.5 inch, 46 inch, 50 inch, and a 65 inch.

Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon,

The Apollo Displays Team

Compact Panel – ultra-slim open frame monitor

Compact – Ultra slim – Open Frame Monitors

For demanding industrial applications with limited space the ultra-slim open frame monitor series Compact Panel provides the perfect solution. These monitors are available in sizes from 12.1″ to 19″ and can be integrated easily in industrial devices, vending machines or point-of -Interest (POI) applications.

compact panel

The monitors are controlled by the Prisma-COMPACT-Media board that has been designed specifically for a small footprint. Therefore the complete Compact Panel is only about 8mm thicker than the TFT display alone and can also be installed in movable elements e.g. front doors.

The Prisma-COMPACT-Media is equipped with a lockable HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort input and the necessary cables are available on a single basis or as a cable kit. Individual settings of the screen can be executed via OSD board or infrared remote control. An optional projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen allows for interactive operation of the Compact Panel.

The modern assembly concept enables Compact Panel production from basically any available TFT display, which is controlled via LVDS and has a resolution from VGA (640×480) to WUXGA (1920×1200).

For more information please click here for an overview on our Compact Panels and contact us with any questions.

POS-Line leaves nothing to be desired

Apollo Displays POS-Line gives you the choice of: sizes 10.4″ to 55″. With a wide variety of housings and controller solutions, our POS-Line leaves nothing to be desired.

Whether as an open-frame monitor, with an elegant brushed aluminum bezel or a modern true-flat design with a flat surface and rounded corners: POS Line provides the housing that fits your application perfectly.

POS-Line monitor in modern True-Flat design
Various touch screen options allow for simple interactive use. For public areas, the monitor can be protected with a protective glass, keeping it safe against damage and the environment.
If requested all POS-Line monitors are fan less and can be provided with either a video graphics card, different PC versions (AMD Ontario, Intel) or our network media player.
Visit our POS-Line page for more detailed information on these monitors and for a video showing the various possibilities of the POS-Line series.

Bright, Small Sized TFT Displays from 4.3″ to 6.5″

Apollo Displays has introduced a new selection of high bright, small-format TFT displays. These TFT displays are particularly suitable for handheld applications in measurement and control technology, medical devices and the automotive industry. Due to the high brightness and wide temperature range, the displays can be used outdoors and are viewable even in bright ambient light.

Projected capacitive multi-touch screens are available for TFT displays 5″ and larger.
Our new VacuBond® process allows us to bond the projected capacitive touch screens or protective glass to our TFT displays reliably, precisely and cost-effectively. VacuBond® increases the TFT displays’ resistance against shock and vibrations, which is an important advantage in industrial applications. In addition, internal reflections between the glass layers are minimized, which improves the readability significantly.

Vacubond® technology also allows for quick-turn prototyping.

Among others, we can offer the following display types:

Type Size Resolution Brightness Manufacturer
GKCY43SNBH2E0 4.3″ 480×272 1000cd/m² SGD
AA050AA11 5.0″ 640×640 1200cd/m² Mitsubishi
AA050MG01 5.0″ 800×480   800cd/m² Mitsubishi
GWTW50SNCH3E0 5.0″ 800×480   700cd/m² SGD
GTTQ57SN762E0 5.7″ 320×240   600cd/m² SGD
GKTV57NNAD1E0 5.7″ 640×480   900cd/m² SGD
G065VN01 V2-V540 6.5″ 640×480 1200cd/m² Data Display Group

For further information on certain displays and data sheet downloads, please click on the display type in the above table. You will be redirected to our website.

These TFT displays are also available as a complete VGA/DVI/Video kit solution.

Small Sized TFT's

The picture shows from left to right: G065VN01 V2-V540, AA50MG01 and GKCY43SNBH2EO.


VacuBond® – The Most Advanced Optical Bonding Available to the Display Industry Today

Together in close strategic and technical co-operation with the Japanese Taica Group (a global leader in optical bonding materials), Apollo Display Technologies  has developed the most advanced optical bonding technology available anywhere today -Vacubond®. This new vacuum bonding technology will allow us to build the most technically advanced ruggedized displays available to the market today. And because vacuum bonding doesn’t need a curing process, there are no longer uncontrolled effects by material shrinking (bubbles, moiré, scratches) to have to deal with after the bonding process.
Optical bonding is an enhancement process for TFT displays in which a protective glass/ (Schott Xensation™, Corning Gorilla Glas™, Plexiglas, ceramic / organic silkscreen), a touchscreen (resistive touch film, projected capacitive (PCAP), Infrared (IR) touch, analog matrix resistive touch), or a combination of both, is applied to a TFT display by means of a high-performance silicone material.  In tape-bonded solutions, incidental light is reflected at the surface of the TFT display and coverglass. With increasing light intensity, this results in reduced contrast and limited readability of the information appearing on the display. In addition, the emerging light from the TFT’s backlight is scattered by the polarizer and depending on the surface texture and transparency, which causes additional readability/appearance issues for the display. By eliminating air gaps with optical bonding, these reflections are reduced to 1% and the result is optimum contrast and exceptional color brilliance even when the TFT display is used outdoors and under intense ambient light. The readability is improved significantly, without increasing the brightness or power consumption. Additionally, and much to the benefit of our customers, Vacubond® technology also allows for quick-turn prototyping.
Vacubond® comparison in direct sunlight

Vacubond® comparison in direct sunlight

VacuBond comparison in  direct sunlight

Under certain environmental conditions, dirt can accumulate in the air gap between the polarizer and the protective glass of the tape-bonded solution. Weather conditions with rapid and significant temperature changes may cause condensation (“fogging”) between unbonded layers, additionally affecting operation and readability. Optical Bonding not only prevents these external influences from affecting the display, but also improves heat dissipation. The heat generated by the operation of the TFT display is dissipated through optical material and not blocked by insulating air layers. Additionally as proved by ball-drop test, optical bonding increases the strength and resiliency of the display. Impacts, shock, and vibrations are absorbed and reduced by the optical material, enabling use in industrial applications that require a higher resistance to vibration or shock.
Vacubond glass
Beginning in the spring of 2014, Apollo Display Technologies will start to process high performance silicone optoGel from the Taica company and officially start offering  world’s most advanced optical bonding technology. Clean room conditions (certified class 1,000 clean room) ensure that no dust or dirt particles affect the result. The VacuBond® technology offers enormous advantages compared to traditional bonding methods. Especially small TFT displays with an extremely compact design in sizes from 2.4″ to 7″ can be bonded reliably, precisely and cost-effectively in this new automated vacuum process. High precision, serial production, is guaranteed by the automated process and the homogeneous silicone material. Our manufacturing equipment is capable of direct bonding of TFT displays in custom bezels and front housings with integrated protective glass.
Apollo Display’s VacuBond® technology is also a good choice for environments that require explosion/blast protection. Free air spaces within the display itself, which lead to restrictions in the protection certifications can be avoided or eliminated by “free air exclusion” bonding. This is an alternative to the very expensive and irreversible conventional methods such as filling the volume with glass beads or injecting silicone into the gap between layers.
Apollo Display Technologies further streamlines production through automated processes and the use of CNC fabricated production jigs. These are long-life molding tools which guarantee the correct position of the individual components during the bonding process and provide consistent quality when producing large quantities. The basis for any new combination of TFT display and glass is an exact measurement of the contact angles and the physical adhesion forces. This measurement is made with a modern instrument and software that decodes surface energy in polar and dispersion components by using special liquids. Such a measurement protocol is the basis for every new project. Moreover the VacuBond® process is reversible so that the individual components can also be recovered again, simplifying repairs and reducing repair costs.
Vacubond - Jig

Jig Tooling

  • Improved contrast & readability in bright sun / intense ambient light
  • No condensation (fogging) in air-gap
  • Improved shock absorption, more robust construction (ball impact tested)
  • Improved heat transmission via front-glass
  • Cost-efficient and reliable bonding of small TFTs (2.4” to 7”)
  • “Free air exclusion bonding” – free space inside the TFT is closed via bonding
  • Can be bonded right into your front-panel
  • Vacubond®-ing process is reversible, allowing for repairs
  • High precision production jigs and automated processes